16.80.060 Time Extensions.
   A.   Extensions of Permit/Entitlement.
      1.   Written Request. The applicant shall file a written request for an extension of time, prior to the expiration of the permit/entitlement, together with the filing fee required by the council's fee resolution. The burden of proof is on the permittee to establish, with substantial evidence, why the permit/entitlement should be extended.
      2.   Notice on Extension. If the matter originally required a noticed public hearing, the director shall pro-vide notice, in compliance with Section 16.76.020 (Notice of Public Hearing).
      3.   Director's Decision on Extension. Upon good cause shown, the extension may be approved, approved with modifications, or disapproved by the director, whose decision may be appealed to the commission, in compliance with Chapter 16.78 (Appeals).
      4.   Time Limits on Extensions. The maximum number of years that a permit/entitlement may be extended may not exceed six years from the original expiration date of the permit/entitlement unless otherwise allowed by law. Each extension of time granted shall not exceed three years. For permits/entitlements approved and which have not expired prior to the adoption of this ordinance number 538-18, an additional extension may be granted provided the extension does not cause the permit/entitlement to exceed nine years from the original approval date of the permit/entitlement.
      5.   Circumstances Under Which Extension(s) May be Granted. An extension of the approval of a permit/entitlement may be granted only if the director finds that there have been no significant changes in the general plan, any applicable specific plan, development code, municipal code, or character of the area within which the subject property is located that would cause the approved permit/entitlement to be injurious to the public convenience, health, safety, or general welfare.
(Ord. 538, Exhibit A (part), 2018; Ord. 293 § 1 (part), 2004; Ord. 182 § 2 (part), 1997)