16.70.050 Findings and Decision.
The director may approve a temporary use permit application in whole or in part, with or without conditions, only if all of the following findings of fact can be made in a positive manner:
   A.   The operation of the requested temporary use at the location proposed and within the time period specified would not jeopardize, endanger, or otherwise constitute a menace to the public convenience, health, safety, or general welfare;
   B.   The proposed site is adequate in size and shape to accommodate the temporary use without material detriment to the use and enjoyment of other properties located adjacent to and in the vicinity of the site;
   C.   The proposed site is adequately served by streets or highways having sufficient width and improvements to accommodate the kind and quantity of traffic that the temporary use would or could reasonably be expected to generate; and
   D.   Adequate temporary parking to accommodate vehicular traffic to be generated by the use would be available either on-site or at alternate locations acceptable to the director.
(Ord. 182 § 2 (part), 1997)