§ 31.20 SALARY.
   (A)   Effective January 1, 2023, the salary of the Mayor shall be $60,000 per year.
   (B) Effective July 1, 2024, and on July 1 of each succeeding year thereafter, the Mayor’s salary may be changed pursuant to KRS 83A.075(1) to reflect the changes in the Consumer Price Index as computed by the Department for Local Government on an annual basis.
(Ord. 732, passed 2-26-81; Am. Ord. 89-892, passed 4-27-89; Am. Ord. 98-1138, passed 4-9-98; Am. Ord. 2022-1823, passed 4-28-22)
Statutory reference:
   Chair of City Council meetings when Mayor absent, see § 30.05
   Powers and duties of Mayor, see KRS 83A.130(3) - 83A.130(10)