Supplementary District Regulations
1173.01   General.
1173.02   Conversion of dwelling to more units.
1173.03   Temporary buildings and uses.
1173.04   Regulation of accessory uses and buildings.
1173.05   Definition.
1173.06   General requirements.
1173.07   Dwellings as accessory uses.
1173.08   Accessory elderly dwelling unit.
1173.09   Retail sales and services as an accessory use.
1173.10   Accessory buildings used for storage.
1173.11   Principal building per lot.
1173.12   Reduction of area or space.
1173.13   Construction in easements.
1173.14   Parking and storage of  vehicles and trailers.
1173.15   Required refuse collection areas.
1173.16   Supplemental yard and height regulations.
1173.17   Setback requirements for corner buildings.
1173.18   Visibility at intersections.
1173.19   Fence and wall restrictions in front yards.
1173.20   Yard requirements for multi-family dwellings.
1173.21   Side and rear yard requirements for nonresidential uses abutting residential districts.
1173.22   Architectural projections.
1173.23   Exceptions to height regulations.
1173.24   Objectionable, noxious, or dangerous uses, practices, or conditions.
1173.25   Junk.
1173.26   Assurance requirements and plans.
1173.27   Enforcement provisions.
1173.28   Screening for non-residential uses abutting residential  districts.
Zoning applies to housing projects - see Ohio R.C. 3735.44
Airport zoning - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 4563