These Regulations shall be administered by the following State and/or Village agencies or their designated representatives.
   (a)   The Planning Commission, which, through the Chairperson, shall act as the coordinating agency and shall be responsible for receiving, processing and reviewing all minor subdivisions (except those which meet all requirementsof Section 1115.02(a)) and all major subdivisions as to conformity with the Zoning Code and other regulations which affect the division of land, and for approving the design layout of the preliminary plan and final plat.
   (b)   The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, which shall be responsible, along with the Village Engineer, for reviewing and approving the type of water and sanitary sewer system designed to serve minor and major subdivisions.
   (c)   The Village Engineer, who shall be responsible for reviewing, inspecting and approving improvement plans and the installation of streets and utility systems. The Village Engineer shall also be responsible for insuring that the improvement specifications set forth in Chapter 1119 are met as a subdivision is developed in order to assure both soundness of layout and economy of construction and maintenance.
   (d)   Council, which shall be responsible for managing all affairs required in connection with the dedication of public rights of way and other public sitesdesignated on a minor or major subdivision.
(Ord. 1222. Passed 12-16-91.)