Collection of Municipal Fees and Taxes
781.01   Purpose.
781.02   Charges for municipal services.
781.03   Liens generally.
781.04   Liens levied upon all real and personal property.
781.05   Lien priority.
781.06   Lien attachment.
781.07   Receipt of property subject to lien.
781.08   Lien priority; notice of lien; hearing procedure; administrative decision; right of appeal; lien creation.
781.09   Establishment of lien.
781.10   Notice of lien upon County Commission records.
781.11   Recordation of lien.
781.12   Release of lien; payment.
781.13   Partial release of lien; discretion.
781.14   Interest accrual.
781.15   Posting and notice.
781.16   Posting and notice; forfeiture and sale of property.
781.17   Posting and notice; availability of other remedies.
781.18   Publication.
781.19   Publication and posting of delinquent tax lists; costs.
781.20   Notice of delinquent lists to city council; retention of list.