(a)   Uses.
      (1)   Uses Permitted By Right.  A use listed in Schedule 1159.05(a) (shall be permitted by right as a principal use in the PD when denoted by the letter "P" provided that all requirements of other Village ordinances and this Planning and Zoning Code have been met;
      (2)   Accessory Uses.  An accessory use that is clearly incidental and subordinate to a use listed in Schedule 1159.05(a) shall be permitted provided that the requirements of all other Village ordinances and this Planning and Zoning Code have been met. 
      (3)   Conditional Uses. A use listed in Schedule 1159.05(a) shall be permitted as a conditional use in the PD when denoted by the letter "C", provided the Planning Commission first makes the determination that the requirements of Chapter 1177, Conditional Use Regulations,  have been met, according to the procedures set forth in Chapter 1129, Certificates.
      (4)   Compliance with Standards.  Although a use may be indicated as a permitted principal or accessory use in the District, it shall not be approved on a lot unless it can be located thereon in full compliance with all of the standards and other regulations of this Code applicable to the specific use and lot in question. 
      (5)   Use Not Listed in Schedule. Any use not specifically listed as either a permitted principal or conditional use shall be a prohibited use in the District and shall only be permitted upon amendment of this Code and/or the Zoning Map as provided in Chapter 1133 or upon a finding that a use is substantially similar as provided in Chapter 1171.
      (6)   Schedule 1159.05(a)  Permitted Uses.
Schedule 1159.05(a) Permitted Uses
Northwest Chagrin Residential & Planned Development Conservation District
(1) Residential
    A.  Single-family dwelling, detached
    B.  Family day care home for 1-6 children (Type B)
    C.  Cluster Single-family detached dwellings
    D.  Single-family dwellings, attached
(2) Group Residential
    A.  Adult care facility for 3-5 persons (Adult family home)
    B.  Residential facility for 5 or fewer persons (Foster family home)
(3) Community Facilities/Institutions
    A.  Public park
    B.  Solar Energy Systems
(4) Accessory Uses
    A.  Detached accessory buildings, including garages and sheds (a)
    B.  Fences, walls (a)
    C.  Home occupation (a)
    D.  Other accessory structures (a)
    E.  Private recreational facilities such as tennis courts and swimming pools (a)
    G.  Signs (b)
    H.  Parking shall be provided conforming to the parking regulations in Chapter 1179
Notes to Schedule 1159.05(a):
(a) See Section 1151.13 Accessory Uses and Structures.
(b) As further regulated by Chapter 1183, Sign and Billboard Regulation
P = Use permitted by right; A = Accessory use; C = Conditional use; Blank cell = Use not permitted in district.
   (b)   Dwelling Standards.
      (1)   Maximum Dwelling Units.
         A.   The potential maximum number of dwelling units which may be permitted in a Planned Development shall be calculated as follows:
            1.   Determine total area of proposed Planned Development in acres.
            2.   Subtract acres in existing and proposed public rights-of-way.
            3.   Multiply difference by 4.
            4.   The product is the potential maximum number of units which may be permitted in the Planned Development.
         B.   The number of dwelling units approved in a Planned Development shall be recommended by the Planning Commission subject to approval by Village Council based on compliance with the provisions of this Chapter and with all other applicable regulations of the Village. The approved number of dwelling unit may be less than, but not greater than, the potential maximum number of dwelling units calculated above.
      (2)   Standards for Permitted Dwelling Types.  Only the dwelling types listed in the use table at Section 1159.05(a) may be permitted in the Planned Development. They shall comply with the standards listed below. 
Table 1159.05(b)(2)
Dwelling Type
Minimum Unit Setback from Public or Private Street
Minimum Yards
Detached single family (2)
Minimum lot 10,000 square feet, minimum width 80 feet, minimum depth 125 feet
Attached single family (1)
Maximum four (4) units may be attached in one building.
Building separations: minimum 25 feet between sides, 50 feet rear to rear and rear to side.
Attached single family units shall be not more than 30% of total units approved in the Planned Development
Single family detached cluster (3)
Detached cluster dwellings 1.0 or 1.5 stories in height shall be separated at least 15 feet; dwellings 2.0 stories or higher shall be separated 20 feet from all other dwellings
Additional Setbacks Standards:
Except as specifically addressed in Section 1159.04(a)(3) for the areas fronting Chagrin Boulevard, all structures shall be setback from the exterior boundaries of a planned development which abut lots which are platted for and/or occupied by dwellings a distance of at least seventy feet (70')
(1)  As defined in Section 1123.03(27)
(2)  As defined in Section 1123.03(29)
(3) As defined in Section 1123.03(28)
      (3)   Dwelling Height Standards.  All dwellings in a Planned Development shall comply with the following height regulations:
         A.   The height of principal buildings and structures shall not exceed 2 and one-half (2.5) stories and thirty-five (35) feet. 
         B.   The height of residential accessory buildings and structures shall not exceed nine (9) feet as measured from the grade to the eave line for at least fifty percent (50%) of the perimeter of each building.
      (4)   Minimum Dwelling Floor Areas. All dwellings shall have a habitable floor area of at least 1,500 square feet.
      (5)   Minimum Dwelling Width. The width of a dwelling shall be at least 28 feet.
   (c)   Architectural Design.
      (1)   The applicant for a Planned Development shall prepare and submit for approval an architectural design program which illustrates and describes the intended designs, or typical designs, of all proposed buildings, including illustrations of facades, roof lines, floor plans, and exterior materials. Preliminary architectural plans for all primary buildings shall be submitted in sufficient detail to permit an understanding of the style of the development, the design of the buildings, and the number, size and type of dwelling units.
      (2)   Review Standards The architectural design program shall be reviewed with the assistance of the Village Architectural Reviewer utilizing at a minimum the applicable standards and guidelines set forth in Chapter 1127
      (3)   A diversity of compatible and complementary dwelling façade designs shall be presented to promote aesthetically attractive neighborhoods and to prevent excessive similarity in appearance among dwellings.
      (4)   The Planning Commission may require the developer to provide standards for dwellings including, but not limited to, minimum and maximum floor areas, minimum and maximum dwelling widths, maximum lot coverage, and policies for the orientations and relationships among dwellings, particularly in attached and cluster configurations.
         (Ord. 2016-19.  Passed 7-13-16.)