(A)   Where land proposed for subdivision is deemed environmentally sensitive by the city due to the existence of wetlands, drainageways, watercourses, floodable areas, or steep slopes, the design of the subdivision shall clearly reflect all necessary measures of protection to ensure against adverse environmental impact.
   (B)   Based upon the necessity to control and maintain certain sensitive areas, the city shall determine whether protection will be accomplished through lot enlargement and redesign or dedication of those sensitive areas in the form of easements or outlots.
   (C)   In general, measures of protection shall include design solutions which allow for construction and grading involving a minimum of alteration to sensitive areas. Where these areas are to be incorporated into lots within the proposed subdivision, the applicant shall be required to demonstrate that the proposed design will not require construction on slopes over 18%, or result in significant alteration to the natural drainage system such that adverse impacts cannot be contained within the plat boundary.