§ 152.061  EASEMENTS.
   (A)   Municipal utility improvements lying within public easements. Municipal utility improvements lying within public easements shall become city property without further notice or action, with exception of approved private streets and private storm sewer systems.
   (B)   Disturbance of surface of easement area. If the surface of the easement area of any portion thereof shall be disturbed by the operation, maintenance, replacement, or removal activities in connection with the use of the easement, said surface and improvements shall be promptly restored by the fee owner of the easement area to their condition prior to the disturbance.
   (C)   Width and location. An easement for drainage and utilities at least six feet wide shall be provided along each side line of each lot and an easement of 12 feet wide shall be provided along the front and rear line of each lot.
   (D)   Continuous utility easement locations. Drainage and utility easements shall connect with easements established in adjoining properties. These easements, when approved, shall not thereafter be changed without the approval of the City Council after a public hearing.
   (E)   Guy wires. Additional easements for pole guys should be provided, where appropriate, at the outside of turns. Where possible, lot lines shall be arranged to bisect the exterior angle so that pole guys fall alongside lot lines.
   (F)   Stormwater management ponds. New stormwater management ponds that are constructed as part of subdivisions shall be covered by drainage and utility easements or outlots that are dedicated to the city. At least one side of a pond should be located adjacent to public right-of-way or an approved maintenance access route and adequate easement dedicated to provide access for future maintenance.