(A)   Where the subdivision of a lot or tract of land contains drainageways, watercourses floodable areas, or wetlands, and thus may be unsuitable for development, the areas shall be handled as follows.
      (1)   If the land is designated in whole or in part for public use on an adopted plan of the city, the developer shall dedicate the land to the city in accordance with § 152.080 through 152.085.
      (2)   If the land is not designated for public use on an official plan, then the developer shall cause the land to be carried in a private easement in the individual deeds affected thereby, and no permit shall be issued for a building permit.
   (B)   The developer may submit a proposal for development indicating how, through site and engineering design, the intent of this chapter will not be violated if approved. In addition, the developer shall provide a surety bond to the approving city to ensure that such will be done at a specific time if approved.
   (C)   Any development or platting shall comply with the city’s zoning ordinance and/or county shoreland regulations.