(A)   (1)   Every subdivision shall include a landscape plan that identifies areas of public value, including significant views, natural vegetation, or watercourses, even where the features may be located upon private lots.
      (2)   The landscape plan shall provide for the addition of trees, shrubs, and ground covers or grasses that achieve the following objectives:
         (a)   Establish naturalized woodland areas in large spaces;
         (b)   Establish naturalized areas around stormwater ponds; and/or
         (c)   Establish naturalized woodland areas at the edges of subdivisions, particularly in areas of land use changes or where the subdivision abuts a major roadway, utility line, or railroad.
   (B)   The landscaping plan shall be accompanied by a reliable estimate of installation costs. The subdivider shall provide a financial security that guarantees live growth of the plant materials for one complete year or two growing seasons from the date of installation. In the event the plant materials under this plan must be replaced due to death, disease, or other reason, the financial security shall be extended to cover an additional two years from the date of replacement.