Drive-thru establishments and other establishments which, by their nature, create lines of customers waiting to be served within automobiles shall provide off-street waiting areas, on the same lot as the use, in addition to the required number of parking spaces specified in Schedule 151.3204, in accordance with the following:
   (A)   Minimum Number of Waiting Spaces.
(1)   Establishments serving and/or selling food and/or drinks:
10 waiting spaces
(2)   Automatic car wash facilities where a chain conveyor or other similar method is used to move the vehicle through the structure:
10 waiting spaces
(3)   Facilities with service windows or service entrances such as banks, ticket booths, and other similar facilities:
5 waiting spaces, plus an additional 2 spaces for each additional window or stall
(4)   Self-serve car wash facilities:
2 waiting spaces per stall
(5)   Gasoline stations:
2 waiting spaces per accessible side of a gasoline pump island
   (B)   Vehicles Prohibited within the Public Right-of-Way. In any case, vehicles shall not be permitted to wait within the public right-of-way for service at such drive-in or drive-thru facilities.
   (C)   Waiting Space Dimensions. Each required off-street waiting space shall have an area not less than 144 square feet (measuring 8 feet by 18 feet) exclusive of access drives and shall not interfere with parking or circulation..