(A)   Accessory off-street parking facilities, including access driveways, shall be provided prior to the occupancy of any building or use. Facilities shall be provided for the entire building or use in accordance with the regulations contained in this Chapter whenever:
      (1)   A building is constructed or a new use is established.
      (2)   The use of an existing building is changed to a use requiring more parking facilities.
      (3)   An existing building is altered and there is an increase in seating capacity, floor area of the building, or number of employees.
   (B)   All off-street parking facilities, or those required as accessory to a use of a proposed or altered building, shall continue unobstructed in operation and shall not be reduced below the required size as long as the principal use remains, unless an equivalent number of spaces are provided for said use in another approved location.
(Ord. 5-2005, passed 3-23-05)