(A)   The Planning Commission may allow the applicant to delineate a number of the minimum parking spaces required by this chapter as a reserve area that is available to be constructed for parking in the future, if the applicant can provide documentation showing that the proposed use of the property at the time of the application does not require the minimum number of spaces specified in § 151.3204.  The proposed reserve area shall be dedicated for future parking only and shall remain as open space until such time that it is necessary to develop the area as parking.  In any case in which the Planning Commission permits an applicant to create a reserve parking area, in lieu of development of the minimum required parking, then the Planning Commission shall require, as a condition of approval, that the development be monitored by the Community Development Director on a periodic basis in order to ensure the adequacy of the parking as constructed meets the current needs of the development or that there is a need to construct all or part of the reserve area for parking.  Upon recommendation from the Community Development Director that additional parking is needed within the reserve area, the Planning Commission  may require that all or a portion of the reserve area be constructed for parking. 
   (B)   If the parking area requires stormwater detention/retention, the applicant shall either design the detention/retention facilities to accommodate the reserve area or demonstrate what stormwater best management practices they will incorporate in the reserve area in lieu of detention/retention to compensate for the additional stormwater runoff, if the reserve area is developed.  The City Engineer shall determine if the detention/retention and/or stormwater BMP's shall be required to be built during the initial construction phase or may be delayed until the reserve parking area is required to be developed.
(Ord. 2-2009, passed 3-4-09)