When off-street loading spaces are provided for business and commercial buildings, they shall comply with the following regulations:
   (A)   No loading space shall be located closer than 50 feet to a lot in any residential district, unless wholly within a completely enclosed building or unless enclosed on all sides by a wall or fence no less than six feet in height.
   (B)   No loading spaces shall face a street right-of-way unless the Planning Commission determines that loading spaces facing the street right-of-way minimizes the impact on adjoining properties. Such loading spaces, if approved, shall be enclosed on all sides by a wall or fence no less than six feet in height.
   (C)   Screening for all loading areas shall be provided along any perimeter that faces a street right-of-way or adjoining property according to the screening requirements of Chapter 151.34.
   (D)   All loading spaces shall be located on the same lot as the use served and no part of any required yard, off-street parking area, or access drive thereto, shall be used for loading or unloading purposes unless permitted by Planning Commission and/or Council.
   (E)   Access to truck loading and unloading space shall be provided directly from a public street or alley or from a right-of-way that will not interfere with public convenience and that will permit the orderly and safe movement of trucks.
   (F)   Streets, sidewalks, alleys or other public rights-of-way or other public property shall not be used for loading purposes nor shall vehicles be parked on such areas during loading and unloading.
   (G)   Off-street loading spaces shall not be used for repair or servicing of motor vehicles.
(Ord. 6-2010, passed 7-7-10)