The rewriting of this chapter in part carries forth by reenactment some of the provisions of the existing Minimum Housing Code of the city and it is not intended  to repeal, but rather to reenact and continue in force such existing provisions so that all rights and liabilities that have been accrued are preserved and may be enforced.  All provisions of the Minimum Housing Code which are not reenacted herein are hereby repealed. All suits at law or in equity and/or all prosecutions resulting from the violation of the Minimum Housing Code in effect, which are not pending in any of the courts of this state or of the United States, shall not be abated or abandoned by reason of the adoption of this chapter, but shall be prosecuted to their finality the same as if this chapter had not been adopted; and any and all violations of the existing chapter, prosecutions for which have not been instituted, may be filed and prosecuted.
(Ord. passed 2-18-92; Am. Ord. O-1999-37, passed 6-15-99; Am. Ord. O-1999-61, passed 10-5-99)