(A)   Generally.  Every habitable room shall have at least one window or skylight facing directly to the outdoors.  The minimum total window area measured between stops, for every habitable room shall be ten percent of the floor area of such room.  Whenever walls or other portions of structures face a window of any such room and such light obstructions are located less than five feet from the window and extend to a level above that of the ceiling of the room, such a window shall not be deemed to face directly to the outdoors and shall not be included as contributing to the required minimum total window area.  Whenever the only window in a room is a skylight type window in the top of such a room, the total window area of such skylight shall equal at least 15% of the total floor area of such room.
   (B)   Habitable rooms.  Every habitable room shall have at least one window or skylight which can easily be opened, or such other device as will adequately ventilate the room.  The total operable window area in every habitable room shall be equal to at least 45% of the minimum window area size or minimum skylight type window size as required, or shall have other approved equivalent ventilation.
   (C)   Bathroom and water closet room.  Every bathroom and water closet compartment shall comply with the light and ventilation requirements for habitable rooms; except that no window or skylight shall be required in adequately ventilated bathrooms and water closet rooms equipped with an approved ventilation system.
   (D)   Public Halls.  Every public hall and inside stairway in every multifamily dwelling shall be adequately lighted at all times with an illumination of at least three (3) foot candles per square foot in the darkest portion of the normally traveled stairs and passageways.
   (E)   Window locks.  All window openings to the outside shall be reasonably weathertight and shall have operable locks.
(Ord. passed 2-18-92; Am. Ord. O-1999-37, passed 6-15-99; Am. Ord. O-1999-61, passed 10-5-99)  Penalty, see § 10.99