A.   It shall be unlawful for any person having control of any land within the city and its area of extraterritorial jurisdiction to subdivide such land into lots other than in accordance with the laws of the state of South Dakota and the regulations contained herein.
   B.   No land shall be subdivided until the subdivider has conferred with the director of public works regarding application of the provisions of this title and the official comprehensive plan affecting the territory in which the proposed subdivision lies.
   C.   In addition to the requirements established herein, all subdivision plats shall be made in conformance with the following:
      1.   The comprehensive plan of the city and the policies set forth therein.
      2.   The city zoning ordinance 1 .
      3.   The major street plan, showing the location, arrangement and character of existing and planned streets.
      4.   The design standards as provided in chapter 3 of this title.
      5.   Other plans which may be or have been adopted that would affect the subdivision and use of the land. (2005 Code)



1. See title 10 of this code.