(A)   In granting a variance, the Zoning Board of Review shall require that evidence to the satisfaction of the following standards be entered into the record of the proceedings:
      (1)   That the hardship from which the applicant seeks relief is due to the unique characteristics of the subject land or structure and not to the general characteristics of the surrounding area and is not primarily due to a physical or economic disability of the applicant;
      (2)   That the hardship is not the result of any prior action of the applicant and does not result primarily from the desire of the applicant to realize greater financial gain;
      (3)   That the granting of the requested variance will not alter the general character of the surrounding area or impair the intent or purpose of this chapter or the Comprehensive Plan upon which this chapter is based; and
      (4)   That the relief to be granted is the least relief necessary.
      (5)   The Zoning Board of Review shall, in addition to the above standards, require that evidence be entered into the record of the proceedings showing that:
         (a)   In granting a use variance the subject land or structure cannot yield any beneficial use if it is required to conform to the provisions of this chapter. Nonconforming use of neighboring land or structures in the same district and permitted use of lands or structures in an adjacent district shall not be considered in granting a use variance; and
         (b)   In granting a dimensional variance, that the hardship which will be suffered by the owner of the subject property if the dimensional variance is not granted shall amount to more than a mere inconvenience. The fact that a use may be more profitable or that a structure may be more valuable after the relief is fronted shall not be grounds for relief.
         (c)   Dimensional variances granted in conjunction with a special use permit shall be supported by independent evidence on the record satisfying each of the requirements for a dimensional variance, and the Board shall vote on each dimensional variance before voting on the special use permit.
(Ord. passed 10-30-06)