In granting a variance under § 903, or in granting a special use permit under § 902, the Zoning Board of Review may apply such special conditions to the grant that may, in the opinion of the Board, be required to promote the intent and purposes of the Comprehensive Plan and this chapter. Failure to abide by any special condition attached to a grant shall constitute a zoning violation. Those special conditions shall be based on competent credible evidence on the record, be incorporated into the decision and may include, but not be limited to provisions for:
   (A)   Minimizing adverse impact of the development upon other land, including the type, intensity and performance of activities;
   (B)   Controlling the sequence of development, including when it must be commenced and completed;
   (C)   Controlling the duration of use or development and the time within which any temporary structure must be removed;
   (D)   Assuring satisfactory installation and maintenance of required improvements;
   (E)   Designating the exact location and nature of development;
   (F)   Establishing detailed records by submission of drawings, maps, plats or specifications; and
   (G)   Providing standards of site planning for proper circulation of traffic, stormwater drainage, landscaping or buffering, outdoor lighting, utilities, waste disposal, and/or signage.
(Ord. passed 10-30-06)