1242.10   FEES.
   The following fees are hereby established for collection in advance by the Zoning Inspector, who, upon receipt of such fees, shall notify the proper board or commission:
   (a)   The fees for zoning permits shall be as follows:
      Building or Structure            Amount
   (1)   New house (residential)            $100.00
   (2)   Commercial building (per unit)         $100.00
   (3)   Addition and/or alteration            50.00   for less than 600 square feet and
                           100.00   for 600 square feet or greater
   (4)   Attached or detached garage         50.00
   (5)   Any device that uses combustible material for heat or ambiance within a structure, including wood and pellet burners                  20.00
   (6)   Fence                     40.00
   (7)   Shed/utility building regardless of size      40.00
   (8)   Decks/slab patios               50.00
   (9)   Moving of building, in addition to
      fee for addition and/or alteration:
      A.   On rollers on any public street   500.00
      B.   Without traversing any public
         street or portion thereof      50.00
      C.   On a carryall on any public
         street or portion thereof      150.00
   (b)   The fee for filing an application with the Planning and Zoning Commission for re- zoning, including docketing, publication costs, hearings and all other items shall be two hundred dollars ($200.00).
   (c)   The fee for the filing of conditional use permits with the Planning and Zoning Commission shall be two hundred twenty-five dollars ($225.00).
   (d)   The fee for filing an appeal to the Board of Zoning Appeals shall be two hundred dollars ($200.00).
   (e)   A zoning permit shall be required for the demolition of a building and the fee for a demolition permit shall be seventy-five dollars ($75.00).
   (f)   All fees for zoning permits that are referenced in this section are non-refundable.
(Ord. 96-O-13. Passed 7-23-96; Ord. 2016-O-31. Passed 12-13-16; Ord. 2019-O- 06. Passed 5-28-19; Ord. 2021-O-07. Passed 3-23-21.)