1242.06   AMENDMENTS.
   (a)   Authorization. Whenever the public health, safety, necessity, convenience, comfort, prosperity or general welfare, or good zoning practice justifies such action, and after consideration and action by the Planning and Zoning Commission, Council may, by ordinance, amend the districts or the regulations established by this Zoning Code.
   (b)   Initiation. A proposed amendment of the Zoning Code or Map may be initiated by the Commission or Council. If initiated by Council, it shall be referred to the Commission. It may be initiated at the request of any person having a direct interest in the premises affected, in which event the proposed amendment shall be in the form of a petition and accompanied by a plan drawn to scale, addressed to and filed with the Commission.
   (c)   Action by Commission. The Commission shall be allowed not less than ten nor more than 90 days for consideration and action on a proposed amendment, unless Council, by resolution, extends such period.
   (d)   Action by Council. If the proposed amendment is approved, either in whole or in part, after 30 days' notice by publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the City, the first publication to be not less than 30 days prior to the hearing thereon, Council may adopt the ordinance amending the Zoning Code or Map by a majority vote of Council.
(Ord.79-O-14. Passed 7-24-79.)