(a)   All fence permit applications shall be subject to the approval of the Zoning Inspector. In Garden-Type and Elderly Apartment, Condominium, Garden, Business Districts I and II, Office Building, Industrial, Yacht Club, and Recreational Park Districts, the Planning and Zoning Commission shall have the authority to set display and type of fences, and the decision of such Commission in such regard shall be final and binding.
   (b)   No fence permit shall be issued in any district by the Zoning Inspector unless the fence to be erected conforms to the requirement that the finished or decorative side of the fence faces away from the lot upon which the fence is being erected.
   (c)   No fence shall hereafter be erected, constructed, altered, relocated, rebuilt or repaired by any person until an application has been filed with, and a permit issued by, the Zoning Inspector. A fence repair exemption to this permit requirement may be granted pursuant to the provisions of division (d) below.
   (d)   The Zoning Inspector may grant the applicant for a fence repair an exemption from obtaining and paying for a fence permit if the Zoning Inspector determines that the fence repair is the repair of a deteriorated or broken fence and that the repair method utilizes the exact same location for the fence and the same type of fence material, size, style, and shape of the existing fence and the repair does not exceed 33% of one single side length of the current fencing. In order to obtain this exemption, the owner, occupant or fence repair person must still apply for a fence permit but during that process request an exemption because the proposed repair meets the requirements of this division (d).
(Ord. 91-O-11. Passed 6-25-91; Ord. 2022-O-14. Passed 10-11-22.)