Gas and Oil Wells
725.01   Application of regulations.
725.02   Intent; authority of Planning Commission.
725.03   Permit required.
725.04   Permit application; fee.
725.05   Public hearing.
725.06   Performance bond.
725.07   Drilling near structures; exceptions.
725.08   Consent from property owners within 500 feet.
725.09   Waivers from owners and occupants within 300 feet.
725.10   Plot plan and vicinity map.
725.11   Affidavit of compliance or exception.
725.12   Easements or options for pipelines and storage tanks.
725.13   Existing applications and permits.
725.14   State permit required.
725.15   Permit issuance, liability insurance.
725.16   Inspection; permit revocation.
725.17   Information to be furnished to the Village.
725.18   Maintenance of well sites; ingress and egress; landscaping.
725.19   Rotary equipment.
725.20   Cable tools.
725.21   Training of crews; condition of equipment.
725.22   Sealing to protect fresh water wells.
725.23   Fence requirements; electric powered well pump required.
725.24   Prohibited drainage in storm and sanitary sewers, water bodies and streams and surrounding area.
725.25   Storage tanks, location and diking.
725.26   Mud on site or streets.
725.27   Restoration of public property; cleaning site.
725.28   Noise level.
725.29   Brine disposal.
725.30   Exception by Planning Commission and Council.
725.99   Penalty.
State law provisions - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 1509
Oil and gas well drilling - see OAC Ch. 1501:9-1, 1501:9-9