§ 114.42.1  DRIVE UP WINDOW.
   (A)   Drive-up windows maintained and operated on premises duly licensed for the sale of alcoholic liquors within the corporate limits of the city shall be adequately lighted during business hours by natural or artificial white light so that all persons or vehicles transacting business at such windows shall be clearly visible. From sunset until closing time, said drive-up windows shall be directly lighted by no less than two, 300-watt incandescent lamps or their equivalent, spaced at least eight feet apart, located directly over or near said drive-up window, with light rays so directed as to most effectively light the outside area immediately adjacent to said window. Existing drive-up window liquor sales will be grandfathered in this provision until ownership has changed or the business has been out of operation for more than six months.
   (B)   In order to enforce this section, the city shall have the right to require the filing with it of plans, drawings and photographs showing the lighting as above required. This division shall constitute an additional regulation of premises licensed for the sale of alcoholic liquors.
   (C)   Only "package sales" are permitted at drive-up windows.
   (D)   Only a licensee having a Class B-l license shall maintain and operate a drive-up window at which alcoholic liquors are sold.
(Ord. 2011-5333, passed 11-15-2011)