In addition to, or in place of the definitions included in chapter 216, Code of Iowa, and for the purposes of this chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them by this chapter:
AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: A plan whereby a set of specific, result oriented procedures are established and to which a "person" is required to apply every good faith effort to achieve. The objectives of those procedures are equal opportunity in public and private employment, housing, public accommodation, credit transactions and City contracts.
AGENT OR COMMITTEE'S AGENT: A Commissioner designated by the commission.
AWARDING AUTHORITY: Any City department, agency, commission, authority, board or person, or any authorized employee, officer or Director of any of the foregoing, including any purchasing agent of the City of Mason City who makes or enters into any contract agreement for the provision of any goods or services of any kind or nature whatsoever for and on behalf of the City of Mason City.
COMMISSION: The Mason City Human Rights Commission created by this chapter.
COMPLAINANT: Any person filing a complaint with the commission.
CONTRACT: Any agreement which is awarded, let, procured or entered into with, or on behalf of, the City of Mason City or any awarding authority thereof.
CONTRACTOR: Any contractor, supplier, vendor, redeveloper or other person who, through a contract or other arrangement, has received, is to receive, or is receiving funds, or in-kind contributions from the City of Mason City or any awarding authority thereof, and shall also include any subcontractor who performs services for the City under a City contract.
PROHIBITED BASIS: Discrimination based upon race, color, familial status, religion, nationality, sex, marital status, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or ancestry, but also refers to the characteristics of individuals with whom the person or class of persons or individual deals or associates. (Ord. 14-15, 12-16-2014)