2-10-1: PURPOSE:
The purposes of the City of Mason City, Iowa, in enacting this chapter are:
   A.   To exercise the police power of the City for the protection of public health, safety and general welfare, and for the maintenance of peace and good government, and to ensure equal opportunity for all persons in their pursuit of employment, housing, public accommodations or services and credit transactions.
   B.   To prohibit discriminatory practices, whether direct or indirect, which inexcusably and/or unjustifiably deny any person rights and/or opportunities because of a prohibited basis, and to provide for the execution of the policies embodied in the Federal Civil Rights Act (titles VI, VII and VIII), the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, the Iowa Civil Rights Act of 1965 (as subsequently amended), the Vocational Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act and to promote cooperation between the City and State and Federal agencies enforcing those Acts; and to establish a Commission on Human Rights for the accomplishment of such purposes; and to these ends, the provisions of this chapter shall be liberally construed. (Ord. 14-15, 12-16-2014)