When requested by the owner or consumer, the Water Department will cause the water to be turned off, provided the curb cock is maintained in working order and is accessible. Except in cases of emergency, the Water Department shall not cut off or cut on a water meter to any premises except at the curb cock. The Water Department shall not be called upon to cut off service to property while occupied by a consumer whose account is not delinquent, except in case of emergency. Should it become necessary to cut off the water at the corporation in the main, the expense thereof shall be charged against the property. Water rents and charges for services will be made until notice of discontinuance of service is given to the Utility Billing Department and shall be immediately due and payable. (1953 Code § 15-22; amd. Ord. 90-27, 12-18-1990; Ord. 91-3, 2-5-1991; 2017 Code)