A.   Assessment Of Unpaid Charges: As all lines, improvements, meters and repairs are at the request of the property owner, any charges for same that become delinquent when billed, as heretofore provided, shall be assessed against the property benefitted in the manner provided by and for special assessments. (Ord. 1443, 6-19-1978; amd. Ord. 90-27, 12-18-1990)
   B.   Collection Process: At least annually, the Finance Director shall prepare a delinquent list of persons failing to pay the charges for the installation of service lines, improvements on said line, meters and repairs on same required by this chapter, listing the premises against which such charge was made and the amount due therefrom. Resolutions shall thereupon be prepared assessing the delinquent charges to the property so benefitted. Such resolutions, properly adopted by the City Council, shall be certified as provided by law in cases of special assessments for collection in the manner of general taxes. (Ord. 1443, 6-19-1978; amd. Ord. 90-27, 12-18-1990; 2017 Code)