Water meters of a type and size approved by the Water Department will be furnished to property owners and installed by the Water Department at the cost thereof in addition to a reasonable charge for the installation thereof. Title to water meters shall remain in the Water Department and maintenance, repair and replacement of water meters so installed shall be at the cost of the Water Department except those instances in which the repair, maintenance or replacement is occasioned by the negligence of the user or property owner, in which event such repair, maintenance or replacement shall be at the expense of the user or property owner.
No person shall use water from City mains without a meter approved by and installed and recorded with the Water Department, except as otherwise herein provided for fire protection purposes. No person shall in any way interfere with the proper and usual installation of a water meter. No person except an authorized employee of the Water Department shall break a seal on a meter. In case of any injury resulting to a water meter or in the event it becomes stopped or works improperly, it shall be the duty of the owner and/or occupant of the premises served to give immediate notice thereof to the Water Department. (Ord. 88-8, 5-2-1988; amd. Ord. 90-27, 12-18-1990; 2017 Code)