A.   A permit for water service connections shall be obtained from the Engineering Department by a City licensed excavating contractor for the property to be served, and such permit shall state the streets and house number where service is desired, the size of tap required and the approximate location where such service will enter the premises. This permit shall be and constitute an acceptance by the applicant of all the provisions of this chapter and all other ordinances now existing or hereafter passed having reference to the waterworks system, and all the rules and regulations of the City and the Engineering Department relating to the waterworks system, and all such ordinances, rules and regulations shall be a part of the contract between the City and such applicant. (Ord. 88-8, 5-2-1988; amd. Ord. 90-27, 12-18-1990; 2017 Code)
   B.   The permit and inspection fee shall be fifty dollars ($50.00) for each water service, new installation or repair, and thirty dollars ($30.00) for each water service disconnection, payable at said time permit is issued; and the same shall be issued in duplicate, one (1) copy being given to the applicant and one (1) filed with the Engineering Department. (2017 Code)