4-3-1: PURPOSE:
In adopting this chapter, the City Council finds that the discharge of water from any roof, surface, ground, sump pump, footing tile or swimming pool or other natural precipitation into the City sanitary sewer collection system will and has on numerous occasions in the past flooded and overloaded the sanitary sewer collection system to such an extent as to cause damage to residential property and overloaded the water reclamation facility (WRF). Such damage is caused by the backup of sewage into the living quarters of residential homes creating a potential health hazard and exceeding the capacity of the WRF. The City Council, therefore, finds it essential to the maintenance of health, minimization of damage to property and to maintain the life and capacity of the WRF that the provisions of this chapter be strictly enforced to avoid and minimize these problems in the future. (Ord. 06-8, 4-4-2006)