The City shall collect only garbage, domestic refuse, recyclables and yard waste from all residential premises as hereinabove defined in accordance with and subject to the provisions of this article.
   A.   Garbage And Domestic Refuse: Garbage and domestic refuse shall be collected once weekly.
   B.   Yard Waste:
      1.   Grass clippings and leaves shall be collected once a week, at the curb, from April 1 through November 30; provided, they are in approved biodegradable paper bags.
      2.   Brush and tree limbs shall be collected once a week at the curb. Tree limbs of less than four inches (4") in diameter and brush will be collected, provided they are placed at the curb, securely tied in bundles not more than four feet (4') in length or eighteen inches (18") in diameter and weigh no more than fifty (50) pounds. Tree limbs and brush shall not be combined with refuse or garbage for collection. All bundles must be secured with twine or light string, not wire. (Ord. 96-7, 3-5-1996)
      3.   Christmas trees, wreaths and roping will be collected once. All materials must be free of wire and hardware. (Ord. 96-7, 3-5-1996; amd. 2017 Code)
Flocked trees that contain toxic substances or wire will not be picked up. Individuals will be responsible for hauling them to a designated site.
   C.   Recyclables: Recyclables shall be collected once weekly and shall include:
      1.   Newspapers with inserts, bundled and tied with string or placed in brown paper bags.
      2.   Clear glass food and beverage containers, rinsed clean with caps and lids removed.
      3.   Tin and aluminum cans (pop cans, tin soup cans, coffee cans, etc.) rinsed clean with paper labels removed. Aerosol cans cannot be recycled. (Ord. 96-7, 3-5-1996)
      4.   Plastic milk jugs, water, orange juice and windshield washer fluid jugs (#2HDPE) rinsed clean. (Ord. 96-7, 3-5-1996; amd. 2017 Code)
      5.   Other items as deemed by the Public Works Department and Sanitation Division.
   D.   Time Limit: Containers, bags, packages or other solid waste placed at the curb or alley line shall not be placed more than one (1) day in advance of the scheduled collection day. Yard waste shall be collected once each week from April 1 through November 30 (exception: Christmas trees, wreaths or ropings). (Ord. 96-7, 3-5-1996)