A notice to abate shall contain the following:
   A.   A description of the alleged nuisance or other condition.
   B.   The location of the alleged nuisance or condition.
   C.   A statement that if the property owner wishes to dispute the determination that a nuisance or other condition as prohibited by this chapter exists, such property owner or the property owner's representative shall make a written request to the Code Enforcement Division on or before the time prescribed in the notice which shall be not more than ten (10) days from the date of notice. (Ord. 08-04, 5-20-2008; amd. 2017 Code)
   D.   A statement that if no request for hearing is made within the prescribed time that the nuisance or other prohibited condition shall conclusively be presumed to exist.
   E.   A statement of the act or acts necessary to abate the nuisance or prohibited condition.
   F.   The required time within which the owner must complete the abatement.
   G.   A statement that if the nuisance or condition is not abated as directed and no request for hearing is made within the time prescribed, the City may abate the nuisance or other condition and assess the cost against such person and/or property. (Ord. 08-04, 5-20-2008)