General Provisions
   50.01   Travel mileage reimbursement
Water Department
   50.15   Board of Public Affairs (BPA); general powers and duties
   50.16   Conditions of furnishing water service
   50.17   Annual review of fees and rates
   50.18   Penalty for nonpayment
   50.19   Village’s remedies for nonpayment
   50.20   Temporary water service; deposit
   50.21   Temporary discontinuance of water service
   50.22   Private fire protection service
   50.23   Tap serving more than one consumer
   50.24   Depth of water main
   50.25   Installation of water main in sanitary sewer ditches
   50.26   Maintenance of water mains
   50.27   Maintenance and repair of fire hydrants
   50.28   Meter rules and regulations
   50.29   Cross connections and bypasses
   50.30   Injuring, defacing waterworks
   50.31   Unlawfully turning water on or taking water
   50.32   Tap-in fee
   50.33   Contracts; trunk water line capacity
   50.34   Water main extensions
   50.35   Declaration of water emergency
   50.36   Backflow prevention and cross connection control
   50.37   Resolution of conflicts between this subchapter and previous Board actions
   50.99   Penalty