General Provisions
   51.001   Extension of water and sewer lines by private developer
   51.002   Sewer repair and maintenance standards
Industrial Wastewater Regulations
   51.010   General provisions
   51.011   General sewer use requirement
   51.012   Pretreatment of wastewater
   51.013   Wastewater discharge permit application
   51.014   Wastewater discharge permit issuance process
   51.015   Reporting requirements
   51.016   Compliance monitoring
   51.017   Confidential information
   51.018   Publication of users in significant noncompliance
   51.019   Administrative enforcement remedies
   51.020   Judicial enforcement remedies
   51.021   Reserved
   51.022   Affirmative defenses to discharge violations
   51.023   Reserved
   51.024   Miscellaneous provisions
   51.025 - 51.035   Reserved
Rates and Charges
   51.050   Water and sewer tap fees; authority to establish
   51.051   Collection of tap fees before connection
   51.052   Water service rates
   51.053   Water reconnection charge
   51.054   Sewer service rates
   51.055   Abnormal wastewater surcharge
   51.056   Industrial cost recovery
Liquid Waste Haulers
   51.070   Definitions
   51.071   Permit required to transport liquid waste
   51.072   Fee and display of permit
   51.073   Maintenance of vehicles transporting liquid waste
   51.074   Inspection of vehicles
   51.075   Responsibilities of liquid waste transporter
   51.076   Responsibilities of liquid waste generator
   51.077   Responsibilities of liquid waste disposers
   51.078   Unsanitary accumulation of liquid waste
   51.079   Improper disposal
   51.080   Rules and regulations
   51.081   Denial, suspension, revocation of permit
   51.082   Appeal
   51.083   Legal responsibility; violations
Impact Fees
   51.095   Definitions
   51.096   Applications and permits
   51.097   Capital improvement plan for water impact fee
   51.098   Capital improvement plan for sewer impact fee
   51.099   Land use assumptions
   51.100   Impact fees assessed
   51.101   Impact fees collected
   51.102   Advisory Committee; duties
   51.103   Failure to pay impact fee
   51.104   Offsets against impact fees
   51.105   Agreement for capital improvements
   51.999   Penalty
Cross reference:
   Sewage sludge application, see Ch. 115
Statutory reference:
   Public Utility Regulatory Act, see Tex. Util. Code, Title 2