(a)    Purpose. The following regulations as adopted by the Director of Public Service are published for the information and guidance of all users of the public water supply of Mansfield, Ohio and are a part of the contract between the Division of Water and each user and the owner of premises where water is furnished.
   (b)    Definitions. The following definitions shall apply throughout these rules and regulations:
      (1)    "Customer" means any person or entity who is a landowner or deed holder of property who enters into a contractual agreement with the City to receive or pay for water service to a premises, provided by the City. Customers may, but need not be, consumers of the services provided.
      (2)   “Consumer” means any person who is a head of household or any entity who resides at a premises to which water service is provided by the City, and is the ultimate user of that water service.
      (3)   “Person” means any individual eighteen years of age or older or an emancipated minor.
      (4)   “Water service" means water service provided by the City for consumption, and a minimum service charge for equipment and maintenance.
      (5)   “Fire service" means water service provided by the City for fighting fires.
      (6)   “Water service account" means an account for water and sewer services provided by the City.
      (7)   "Water Division" means the Water Division of the Service Department of the City.
      (8)   "Water by-laws" means rules adopted by the Director of Public Service for operating the water supply system.
      (9)   “City" means the City of Mansfield, including its subdivisions and employees.
      (10)   "Serve(d)" or "service", when used to refer to the service of bills, notices or decisions, means the use of first-class mail, or personal delivery to a person of suitable age and discretion then residing in the unit. "Service date" means the date on which such a bill, notice or decision was personally delivered or three days after such bill, notice or decision was mailed.
      (11)   "Request a hearing" means making an oral or written request for a hearing to an employee of the Utility Collections Division as provided in Section 941.13(a).
      (12)   “Payment account” means an account established pursuant to Section 941.12(h).
      (13)   “Dishonored check” means a check that has been dishonored by the bank as an NSF (nonsufficient funds) check or an account closed check and then returned to the Utility Collection Division for refund.
      (14)   “Delinquent” means an account is past due. Bills shall be due in full on the fourteenth day after the bill date.
         (Ord. 12-021. Passed 1-17-12.)