An administrative charge shall be levied on all users of the sewage treatment works to provide funds necessary to pay a portion of the general government expenses pertaining to the management of the sewage works as allowed by the Ohio Revised Code. Administrative charges for the sewer related cost of building and collection, data processing and engineering shall result in the distribution of all cost related to the management of the sewage works in proportion to the costs of providing such services. The method to be used to establish the administrative charges for sewage discharged to the sewage treatment works shall be defined in this section.
   Each user shall be subject to an administrative charge per customer billing, as follows:
   (a)   Charges for each billing period during a calendar year shall be based upon the following values for that calendar year:
      (1)   Estimated reimbursable general governmental expenses for the sewer related costs of billing and collection, data processing and engineering.
      (2)   Estimated total number of nonindustrial and industrial customer billings prepared:
   (b)   The adminsitrative charge per customer billing for nonindustrial and industrial users shall equal:
      (1)   Estimated reimbursable general governmental expenses pursuant to subsection (a)(1) hereof, divided by;
      (2)   Estimated total customer billings pursuant to subsection (a)(2) hereof.
   Administrative charges levied pursuant to this section shall be billed pursuant to Section 937.14. The rates shall be as pursuant to Section 937.11.
(Ord. 92-008. Passed 1-7-92.)