The billing and collection of sanitary sewer charges is hereby delegated to the Service Director, to be assessed, levied and collected in conjunction with the administration of the charges for water service supplied by the City. The same shall be subject to and governed by the valid and applicable rules and regulations from time to time established by the City with respect to the collection of water charges.
   Billing and collection of sanitary sewer charges shall be as provided in rules and regulations governing the Division of Water concerning meter reading, bills and termination of water service as contained in Chapter 941.
   The sanitary sewer charges shall be a lien upon all real property served by the City sewer system. On or before January 1, and June 1 of each year, the Clerk of Council shall in accordance with regulations issued by the Service Director, certify delinquent sanitary sewer charges together with a proper description of the premises to the County Auditor for placement on the real property tax duplicate and shall be collected in the same manner as other taxes and placed in a strict fund for immediate distribution to the City for deposit in the Sewer Fund. Upon payment to the City of delinquent sanitary sewer charges that have been certified to the County Auditor, the Clerk of Council shall certify the fact of payment to the Auditor, who shall cancel such charge upon the tax records.
   The City shall have the right to enter into a contract with industrial users; however, the contract shall not be in conflict with any of the provisions of this chapter.
(Ord. 92-008. Passed 1-7-92.)