No person shall do any of the following upon the bike-way:
   (a)   Operate any type of motorized vehicle or equipment except:
      (1)   Emergency vehicles,
      (2)   Maintenance vehicles,
      (3)   Electric wheel chairs for the disabled.
   (b)   Be present on the bike-way during other than daylight hours.
   (c)   Allow any animal on the bike-way except a guide dog for the sight impaired, and other dogs on a leash of eight feet or less.
   (d)   Litter or otherwise leave, drop or deposit any waste material on the bike-way or adjacent property.
   (e)   Damage, deface or detroy any public or private property.
   (f)   Leave the paved portion of the bike-way, except to make minor repairs, rest or talk.
   (g)   Use the bike-way as a means of trespassing upon other public or private property.
   (h)   Possess, consume or be under the influence of any alcoholic beverage or illegal drug or other hallucinogenic substance.
   (i)   Enter or leave the bike-way at other than an authorized location.
   (j)   Disregard any traffic control device on the bike-way.
   (k)   Possess or use any fireworks, firearm, BB pellet, paintball or similar air powered weapon, bow or crossbow.
   (l)   Hunt, trap, injure, kill or unnecessarily disturb any bird, reptile or other animal.
   (m)   Release any domestic or wild or exotic animals on or along this bike-way.
   (n)   Light or maintain any fire on the bike-way.
   (o)   Post or display any advertising or other signs except those approved by the Richland County Park District and/or the City of Mansfield.
   (p)   Fail to obey the order of any police officer to leave the bike-way for violating bike- way regulations.
      (Ord. 95-199. Passed 10-17-95.)