General Provisions
   151.001   Short title
   151.002   Purpose
   151.003   Scope and construction of regulations
   151.004   Conflict with other laws, regulations, and agreements
   151.005   Vested right
   151.006   Rules applying to text
   151.007   Definitions
Administration and Enforcement
   151.020   Zoning Administrator
   151.021   Duties
   151.022   Conditional land uses
   151.023   Site plan review
   151.024   Site condominium project regulations
   151.025   Use of consultants
   151.026   Performance guarantee
   151.027   Fees
Zoning District Regulations
   151.040   District designations
   151.041   Zoning District Map
   151.042   Application of district regulations
   151.043   AG, Agriculture District
   151.044   R-1A, Single-Family Residential District, Low Density
   151.045   R-1B, Single-Family Residential District, Medium Density
   151.046   R-2, Multiple-Family Residential District, Low Density
   151.047   R-3, Multiple-Family Residential District, Medium Density
   151.048   MHP, Mobile Home Park Residential District
   151.049   OS, Office Service District
   151.050   C-2, General Commercial District
   151.051   CBD, Central Business District
   151.052   I-1, Limited Industrial District
   151.053   I-2, General Industrial District
   151.054   RC, Regional Commercial District
Special Provisions
   151.065   Intent
   151.066   Cluster housing option
   151.067   Open space preservation
   151.068   Accessory buildings and uses
   151.069   Emergency temporary dwellings
   151.070   Single-family dwellings; mobile homes; prefabricated housing
   151.071   Mobile home park requirements
   151.072   Day-care facilities
   151.073   Adult foster care facilities
   151.074   Home occupations
   151.075   Seasonal sales
   151.076   Garage sales, rummage sales, and similar activities
   151.077   Essential services
   151.078   Self-storage facilities
   151.079   Outdoor sales
   151.080   General, building, and landscape contractor’s offices and yards
   151.081   Automobile service stations
   151.082   Outdoor displays of products or materials intended for retail sale or rental
   151.083   Sidewalk café service
   151.084   Bed and breakfast accommodations
   151.085   Mineral mining and extractive operations
   151.086   Buildings to be moved
   151.087   Wireless communication facilities
   151.088   Wind energy conversion systems (WECS)
   151.089   Medical marijuana home occupation
   151.090   Temporary portable storage containers
Environmental Protection and Design Provisions
   151.100   Purpose
   151.101   Landscaping; greenbelts and buffers; screening
   151.102   Fences, walls, and screens
   151.103   Airborne emissions
   151.104   Noise and vibration
   151.105   Use, storage, and handling of hazardous substances; storage and disposal of solid, liquid, and sanitary wastes
   151.106   Electrical disturbance, electromagnetic, or radio frequency interference
   151.107   Glare and exterior lighting
   151.108   Fire hazard
   151.109   Safety
   151.110   Stormwater management
   151.111   Regulation of flood plain areas
   151.112   Building grades
Planned Unit Development Districts
   151.125   Purpose and intent
   151.126   PUD regulations
   151.127   Procedure for review
   151.128   Project design standards
   151.129   Conditions
   151.130   Phasing and commencement of construction
   151.131   Effect of approval
   151.145   Intent and purpose
   151.146   General conditions
   151.147   Permitted freestanding signs
   151.148   Permitted wall signs
   151.149   Permitted projecting signs
   151.150   Permitted temporary signs
   151.151   Permitted billboards
   151.152   Miscellaneous permitted signs
   151.153   Permits required
Off-Street Parking and Loading
   151.165   Intent and purpose
   151.166   Generally
   151.167   Off-street parking requirements
   151.168   Table of off-street parking requirements
   151.169   Off-street parking lot design and construction
   151.170   Off-street loading requirements
   151.171   Off-street stacking space for drive-through facilities
   151.172   Outdoor storage of recreational vehicles
Nonconforming Uses, Structures, and Lots
   151.185   Intent
   151.186   Nonconforming lots
   151.187   Nonconforming uses of land
   151.188   Nonconforming structures
   151.189   Nonconforming uses of structures and land
   151.190   Repairs and maintenance
   151.191   Uses allowed as conditional approval uses, not nonconforming uses
   151.192   Change of tenancy or ownership
Zoning Board of Appeals
   151.205   Authority
   151.206   Membership
   151.207   Meetings
   151.208   Powers and duties
   151.209   Procedure for appeal
Rezoning and Zoning Ordinance Text Amendments
   151.220   Initiation of rezoning and Zoning Ordinance text amendments
   151.221   Rezoning and Zoning Ordinance text amendment application procedure
   151.222   Rezoning and Zoning Ordinance amendment process
   151.223   Criteria for amendment of the official zoning map (rezoning)
   151.224   Criteria for amendment of the official Zoning Ordinance text
   151.225   Conditional rezoning of land
   151.999   Penalty
   Appendix A:  Zoning Terms
   Appendix B:  Schedule of Area, Height, Width, and Setback Regulations