(A)   Jurisdiction.  Violations of §§ 70.15et seq. are punishable as a civil infraction.  Jurisdiction over the violations is held by the local municipal court.  If a municipal court does not exist, the District Court will hold jurisdiction.
   (B)   Enforcement procedures.
      (1)   The Enforcement Officer shall be the village police or other public enforcement agency contracted by the village.  The Enforcement Officer is authorized to issue citations, impound controlled Vehicles, and eject violators from the regulated areas.
      (2)   The Village of Manchester adopts the procedures for civil infraction actions set forth in Public Act 510 of 1978, being M.C.L.A. §§ 257.1 - 257.923.  Divisions (B)(3), (B)(4), and (B)(5) below are the abridged basic procedures of the aforementioned sections of Public Act 510 of 1978, being M.C.L.A. §§ 257.1 - 257.923.
      (3)   A person to whom a citation is issued under the provisions of §§ 70.15 et seq. shall appear before the District Court Magistrate within the time specified or may respond to the allegations in the citation as provided elsewhere in Public Act 510 of 1978, being M.C.L.A. §§ 257.1 - 257.923.
      (4)   If a person chooses to admit responsibility for the civil infraction, he or she may do so by paying the fine in person or by mail to the District Court.
      (5)   If a person chooses to deny responsibility, he or she may contact the District Court Magistrate and schedule an informal hearing.
   (C)   Appeal.  A person has the right to appeal the determination of the District Court Magistrate and recieve a formal hearing before a district court judge.
(Ord. 169, passed 8-1-1988)  Penalty, see § 70.99