Water Works Department
   51.001   Department established
   51.002   Department head
Water Usage Regulations
   51.01   Contractual nature of regulations
   51.02   Record of consumers
   51.03   Responsibility for maintenance
   51.04   Wasting water; concealing use
   51.05   Damaging, tampering with facilities
   51.06   Alterations or extensions of city facilities on private plumbing
   51.07   Supplying unauthorized consumers
   51.08   Regulations governing introduction, use of water
   51.09   Police to report leaks and violations
Rates and Charges
   51.20   Establishment of rates
   51.21   Revision of rates
   51.22   Disposition of receipts
   51.23   When charges payable
   51.24   Discontinuing service for nonpayment
   51.25   Abatements in charges
Board of Water Commissioners
   51.40   Management vested in Board
   51.41   Appointments to Board
   51.42   Alderman not to be Commissioner
   51.43   Conflicts of interest
   51.44   Officers of the Board
   51.45   Annual report of Board
   51.46   Duties of President; President Pro Tem
   51.47   Regulations relating to officers appointed by the Board
   51.48   General powers and duties of the Board
   51.49   Right of entry of personnel
   51.50   Power to make repairs and improvements; approval by Highway Department
   51.51   Expenditures of Board
   51.52   Sale of personal property
   51.53   General duties of Director; annual report
Statutory reference:
   Municipal water systems, R.S.A. Ch. 38