(A)   Definition.  An “off-premises sign” for the purposes of this subchapter is a sign which directs attention to a business, commodity, service, activity or product sold, conducted or offered off the premises of where such sign is located.
   (B)   Purpose.  The purpose of this subchapter is to provide minimum standards to safeguard life, health, property, property values and public welfare by regulating and controlling the quality of materials, construction, installation and maintenance of off-premises signs and billboards, in addition to the number, size, sign type and illumination of such off-premises signs and billboards and sign structures.
   (C)   Regulations.
      (1)   Off-premise signs shall be allowed in zoning districts GB, LB, M-1 and M-2, excluding the downtown area and off-premises signs on Lanier Drive, Wilson Avenue, Michigan Road, and Cragmont Street.
      (2)   The maximum size per face of an off-premise sign shall be 500 square feet, excluding structural supports and trim.  The faces of the sign constructed in the form of a “V” shall not exceed an angle of 45 degrees.
      (3)   The maximum height of an off-site sign shall be 45 feet measured from the grade of its base to the top of the sign.
      (4)   The sign shall have a minimum clear space of 10 feet and a maximum clear space of 40 feet.
      (5)   Off-site signs shall be separated by a distance of 8,000 feet on the same side of the road or street and there will be an 8,000-foot circumference from any other off-site sign on the opposite side of the street.
      (6)   The setback from the street right-of-way shall be equal to the height of the off-site sign.  When a sign is adjacent to a residential area, the sign shall be setback equal to the height of the sign.
      (7)   The structural support of the off-premise sign shall be constructed on a steel pole(s).  All frames surrounding poster or bulletin displays shall be of rough sawn cedar or similar approved material.  When a structure is constructed so as to have a copy material facing in a single direction, the exposed rear of the display and the structural members shall be finished and maintained to a degree equal to that of the copy side of the sign.
      (8)   Off-premise signs may be illuminated, subject to the following conditions:
         (a)   Signs which contain, include or are illuminated by any flashing, intermittent or moving light(s) are prohibited.
         (b)   Signs which are not effectively shielded as to prevent beams or rays of light from being directed at any portion of a street or roadway and which are of such intensity or brilliance as to cause glare and to impair the vision of the driver of any motor vehicle, or which otherwise interfere with any driver's operation of a motor vehicle, are prohibited.
         (c)   No sign shall be so illuminated that it interferes with the effectiveness of or obscures an official traffic sign, device or signal.
      (9)   All off-premise signs shall be maintained in a state of good repair.  The backs and supporting structures of all signs shall be kept painted in a neutral color to blend with the natural environment.  The Zoning Administrator and the Building Inspector are authorized to inspect every off-premise sign. Whenever it shall appear that any sign has been constructed or is being maintained in violation of this section, such display shall be made to conform with all regulations herein or shall be removed at the expense of the owner within 30 days after written notification by the Zoning Administrator or Building Inspector.
(Ord. 2001-1, passed 1-23-01; Am. Ord. 2001-14, passed 7-31-01) Penalty, see § 150.99