Supplementary Regulations
1171.01   Scope.
1171.02   General supplementary regulations applying to all uses.
1171.03   Public garages; automobile repair shops; gasoline service stations; car wash.
1171.04   Public utility rights of way; buildings; structures and equipment.
1171.05   Temporary uses.
1171.06   Post office; police and fire stations; schools; service garages; recreational facilities; hospitals.
1171.07   Communication companies or other broadcasting facilities.
1171.08   Drive-in establishments.
1171.09   Prohibited uses in any District.
1171.10   Signs.
1171.11   Off-street parking.
1171.12   Parking in Residential Districts.
1171.13   Exemption of agriculture.
1171.14   Temporary structures.
1171.15   Nonresidential uses in residential districts.
1171.16   Fence regulations.
1171.17   Home occupation regulations.
1171.18   Self-service mini storage facility regulations.
1171.19   Donation boxes regulations.
      Violation of zoning ordinances - see Ohio R.C. 713.13
      Off-street parking facilities - see Ohio R. C. 717.05 et seq.
      Nonconforming uses - see P. & Z. Ch. 1173
      Swimming pool fences - see BLDG. 1377.02