(a)    The Zoning Inspector shall have exclusive authority to authorize the use of land for the construction of temporary structures which shall be erected and maintained for a period of not to exceed one year or, when accessory to a building construction project, the length of time necessary for the completion of such construction.
   (b)    A temporary structure is any structure constructed or placed on a site for a temporary purpose which purpose shall be accomplished within one year from the date of issuance of the temporary zoning certificate except for longer construction projects pursuant to subsection (a) hereof.
   (c)    No temporary zoning certificate shall be issued for any structure which is deemed by the Zoning Inspector or Building Commissioner to be unsafe.
   (d)    No temporary zoning certificate shall be issued which will change the permitted use of land from residential to commercial or industrial uses except in the case of temporary structures or buildings necessary or incidental to the construction of other buildings or developments or other similar situations.
   (e)    The fee for a temporary zoning certificate shall be established by Council.
(Ord. 30-1982. Passed 6-10-82.)