The following uses are prohibited in any district:
   (a)    Aviation field;
   (b)    Brewery;
   (c)    Concrete batching plants, concrete mixing plants and the manufacture of any cement or similar products whether on or off the premises;
   (d)    Distilling of bones, fat or glue, glue or gelatin manufacturing, fertilizer manufacture;
   (e)    Dumping, storing, burying, reducing, disposing of or burning garbage, refuse, rubbish, offal or dead animals;
   (f)   Facilities involving or encouraging games of chance, wagering or gambling;
   (g)    Junkyards or salvage-pool yards;
   (h)    Manufacture or storage of explosives, gun powder or fireworks;
   (i)    Manufacture storage and/or reclamation of hazardous substances except as permitted by the Planning Commission with the approval of the Fire Chief;
   (j)    Metallic powder works; and
   (k)    Residential trailer camps or recreational vehicle park.
      (Ord. 87-1986. Passed 4-23-87.)