Accessible Parking
   72.001   Definition
   72.002   Accessible parking spaces required; specifications
   72.003   Special permit and license plate parking
   72.004   Parking with special permits for persons with a disability and persons with a Purple Heart license plate
   72.005   Falsification of special parking permit; unauthorized use
   72.006   Towing and impoundment of vehicles illegally parked in accessible spaces and access aisles
   72.007   Penalty
   72.008   Enforcement
   72.020   Definitions
   72.021   Unlawful conduct upon highways, roadways, or parking lots
   72.022   Removal of vehicle by owner of private parking lot
   72.023   Penalty
Parking Generally
   72.030   Authority of Chief of Police
   72.031   Parking outside trailer park; permit and fee
   72.032   Unattended vehicles; locking and braking
   72.033   Obstructional parking; double parking
   72.034   Manner of parking
   72.035   Limitations of stopping and parking
   72.036   Restrictions and prohibitions on designated streets
   72.037   Parking restricted to allow street cleaning
   72.038   Loading and unloading; loading zone fees
   72.039   All night parking; abandoned and junked vehicles; expired vehicle registration
   72.040   Parking on parade route
   72.041   Parking on off-street facility
   72.042   Parking on the wharf
   72.043   Library parking and traffic
   72.044   Display of parked vehicle for sale
   72.045   Parking facilities that force vehicles to cross public sidewalks, curbing, or landscaping prohibited
   72.046   Exemption for armored vehicles
   72.047   Parking of buses
   72.048   Reserved
   72.049   Parking in parks
Tow Lots
   72.060   Metro Government tow lots
   72.061   Removal of vehicle by owner-operator
   72.062   Towing and custodian care charges
   72.063   Supplemental emergency wrecker service
   72.064   Release of vehicle from Vehicle Impoundment Division
   72.065   Removal of immobilizing device unlawful
   72.066   Amnesty period
Parking Meters
   72.080   Definitions
   72.081   Installation and maintenance of meters
   72.082   Parking fee rates and zones
   72.083   Parking in metered parking space
   72.084   Proceeds from meter operation
   72.085   Use of meter hoods
Snow Emergency
   72.100   Announcement of snow emergency
   72.101   Termination of emergency
   72.102   Snow emergency routes
Parking Citation Enforcement
   72.120   Parking citation enforcement
   72.121   Civil enforcement
   72.122   Hearing Board established
   72.123   Citation of improperly parked vehicle
   72.124   Parking violation notice
   72.125   Response to notice required
   72.126   Appeal from notice of violation to Parking Citation Enforcement Hearing Board
   72.127   Violation; appeal from Hearing Board to district court
   72.128   Impoundment of vehicles improperly parked
   72.129   Appeal of vehicle impoundment to Parking Citation Enforcement Hearing Board
   72.130   Impoundment; appeal from Hearing Board to district court
   72.131   Impoundment; response to notice required
   72.132   Impoundment; escheat to Metro Government if no response to notice
   72.133   Metro Government lien on vehicles impounded
   72.134   No effect on security interest in vehicle
Residential Permit Parking Program
   72.200   Title
   72.201   Findings and declarations
   72.202   Definitions
   72.203   Application and petition for Residential Parking Program
   72.204   Resident Parking Program review process
   72.205   Parking Management Plan - development and implementation
   72.206   RPZ permits
   72.207   RPPP provisions
   72.208   Modification of RPZ area
   72.209   Parking space not guaranteed
   72.210   Parking restrictions
   72.211   Exemptions
   72.212   Enforcement
   72.213   Reporting provision
   72.998   Severability
   72.999   Penalty