(A)   Metro Government may impound a motor vehicle parked, stopped or standing upon a street or public way within its jurisdiction in violation of an ordinance or statute prohibiting parking, stopping or standing in the location, manner or at the time the vehicle is cited or for any other lawful reason.
   (B)   No vehicle shall be parked on any public way within Jefferson County which vehicle has accumulated three unpaid parking citations which are not under appeal and as to which notice has been issued pursuant to KRS 82.615(2).
   (C)   Metro Government, in addition to the fines levied for the parking or traffic offense, may by ordinance impose reasonable towing, handling and storage charges upon an impounded vehicle.
   (D)   Metro Government may condition the release of an impounded vehicle upon the payment of the any outstanding unpaid citations that have become final, towing, handling, and storage charges imposed thereon, unless the owner or other person entitled to possession challenges the validity of the impoundment pursuant to § 72.129. A vehicle may be released to the owner or other person entitled to possession only upon proof of ownership or right to possession. Metro Government may require reasonable security, bond, or other assurances of indemnification from a person who is not the registered owner of the vehicle prior to releasing the vehicle to such person.
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