Chapter 207
Election Districts
   EDITOR'S NOTE: This chapter, previously a codification of Ordinance 98-01, passed March 18, 1998, was repealed by Ordinance 01-08, passed December 17, 2001, and amended by Ordinance 02-01, passed January 7, 2002.
207.01   Establishment of districts; reapportionment of representation by alteration of boundaries of single-member districts; elections.
207.02   Election by voters of Chairman at large.
207.03   Single-member districts generally.
207.04   Boundaries of Algonkian Election District.
207.05   Boundaries of Ashburn Election District.
207.06   Boundaries of Broad Run Election District.
207.07   Boundaries of Catoctin Election District.
207.08   Boundaries of Dulles Election District.
207.09   Boundaries of Leesburg Election District.
207.10   Boundaries of Little River Election District.
207.11   Boundaries of Sterling Election District.
207.12   Interpretation.
207.13   Location of General Registrar and Electoral Board.
   Boundaries of election districts - see Code of Va. 15.2-1211
   Election districts - see Code of Va. 24.2-305 to 24.2-310
   Magisterial districts and voting precincts - see ADM. Ch. 206
   Voting precincts and polling places - see ADM. Ch. 209